Winnie Muriithi

Brief info

Winnie Muriithi is an award-winning music educator based in Nairobi Kenya. Her everyday experience with her students demonstrates her passion for music not only as a subject but also as a discipline.

She provides vast experience and a trained ear that interprets into knowledge in music performance, that cuts across all genres classical to popular content and gospel.

Her bubbly personality, vigorous and polished musical exercises keep her students hooked on the subjects therefore making it memorable for them.


* Winner of Zuri Awards 2021: Arts and Culture
Recognized as an African cultural and intellectual life, promoting a lifelong national heritage in music and performance.

* Music Director: Macdeeks music
The only Kenyan representative in the recently concluded world piano day that was hosted by Mark-Dee on Clubhouse March 29, 2021. This is the first of its kind in the region.

* Industry pioneer: Wynton Group Limited
Award-winning music educator with a deep understanding of the music industry. A veteran artist with vast experience that enables her to qualify artists to earn a living.

* Educator: Wynton House Of Music
Educates skilled young people with no formal education as certified by education bodies i.e ABRSM

Music Director: Schools Education Head
Winnie has directed music in several schools including Nairobi Academy, Peponi Secondary School, Koinonia education centre and School of the Nations.


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