James Kahuri Voro

Piano, Drums, Guitar, and Music Theory
Brief info

My name is James Kahuri Voro, a music lover and educator through piano, drums, guitar and music theory. I got exposed to music instruments in church at an early age setting off my musical journey at the age of 5. The keyboard and drums became my favorite instruments which I grew into playing for the church.

I enrolled for my first formal music education course at BKCTC (Bishop Kariuki Community Training Center) where I studied a certificate course in Music Theory & Choral Mastering. I later joined Wynton House of Music in 2019 as a student where I sat for the ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music) Piano Grade 3 and continue to pursue more certifications.

I've had the privileged to work as a performer and peripatetic teacher in different schools and organizations such as Kings International School, Ruaraka Academy, Invisible Crown, Art Hub Africa and Kent Jazz Trio.

Music is not hard. Music merely makes you think.


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