Age to Begin Violin Lessons (Ages Five and Up).

We typically suggest beginning Violin lessons for ages five and up. Children younger than five can take the Violin as well given the right teacher and approach. Be sure that you pick the right size Violin . Violins are available in fractional sizes, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that fits your child’s height, arm length, etc. Playing the violin (or viola, cello, bass, guitar) is a physical activity. Just like any physical activity, it involves strength, dexterity and muscle memory. Just as a physical therapist will give a patient specific exercises to repeat when learning to walk again after a serious injury, a violin teacher will give a student various exercises and assignments to build technique. And if you expect to achieve physical fluency on the violin, you will need to practice DAILY and repeat those various exercises an astonishing number of times. We have the perfect instructor designed for to need the needs and goals of the student.

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