Age to begin Trumpet lessons (Ages Five and Up)

Our recommended starting age for the trumpet is eight. Children younger than five can learn the Trumpet though You don’t want to start a student out too young because the trumpet requires a high amount of lung capacity as well as physical strength with the muscles around the mouth in order to produce a clear and consistent sound.

While a student younger than the age of 8 could possibly be physically able to play the instrument, it will be more difficult for them to work on their embouchure, and harder for them to provide good breath support to get a good tone. The instrument itself requires assembly and cleaning both before and after each time it is played, so the student must be taught how to care for the trumpet. Additionally, the trumpet has some delicate parts and may not be ideal for households with small children – a dented trumpet won’t sound good!

As students get older, their interests will often branch out quite a bit. The trumpet is a popular instrument in marching bands, concert band, and jazz band, and even as a solo instrument for all kinds of events such as playing the start Anthem or Leading Songs in Church etc. We can help a student develop their technique in order to sound good playing any style of music.

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