Rent An Instrument

Renting a musical instrument provides a solution to the dilemma of a big purchase. It allows you to try an instrument you’ve got your eye on without having to fully commit to it right away. Bringing a brand new piano to your home will give you a much clearer sense of how it will fit into the busy schedule of you and your loved ones. At Wynton, we make this possible by renting out our instruments. Maybe your child is interested in learning piano at home. Perhaps you used to play yourself and want to rekindle your love for music. In both situations, it can be a hurdle to truly tell how an instrument will fit into your home when you’ve only seen it online or in a music store. It’s also tricky to know if your passion will stick around after you purchase it, or if it will wane with time. This can make you hesitant to fully invest in an instrument right away. Renting a musical instrument is a solution to all of these hesitations, and makes the journey of your next instrument purchase more enjoyable and less stressful. There are in fact many reasons to try before you buy!

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