Age to Begin Guitar Lessons (Ages Five and Up).

Guitar Lessons For Children:
We typically suggest beginning guitar lessons for ages five and up. Children younger than five can take the guitar as well given the right teacher and approach.
Be sure that you pick the right size guitar. There are a number of sizes for children to pick from. If you have questions as to what and where to buy please Contact Us and we will help guide you to the right decision.
Learning guitar can be hard on a beginner’s fingers. This is something to be aware of at any age but especially for children. With enough practice, the student’s fingers should toughen up.

When choosing a guitar be sure that the strings do not sit too far off of the fretboard because the further you have to push in the tougher it is on the fingers. Some students choose Electric guitar simply because the strings tend to be easy to push in and therefore a little easier on the fingers.

Guitar Lessons For Teenagers:
A teenager and guitar just seem to go together. Typically, it can be tough to teach teens a musical instrument but guitar tends to be the exception. While learning their favourite songs and guitar riffs, the teacher can easily sneak in the technique and theory to make sure they are getting a full music education. We make sure that we match each student with a guitar teacher that meets the demands of not only the instrument but also the age of the student.

Guitar Lessons For Adults:
Whether an adult is a total beginner or an amateur, we have the perfect instructor designed to meet the needs of the student.

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