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Wynton House of Music

At our School, we share our passion for music with students from all walks of life. Whether young or old, beginner or master, our students grow!

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At Wynton House of Music, we believe that music education is an amazing tool for helping children develop. Engaging kids creatively, challenging them intellectually and building strong relationships with other students and teachers brings out their potential. Taking music lessons at Wynton House of Music has shown dramatic improvement in children's verbal intelligence after only four weeks of musical training. Futhermore, the quality of the child’s music education is linked to their academic achievements as well.

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Listen to music! What sounds appeal to you when you listen to music? Do you like high sounds or low sounds? Do loud sounds excite you? If you enjoy the sound of the instrument you choose, you will be more likely to want to practice it. Figure out what excites you or your kids about the shape and size of different instruments and let’s get started. If you want to dip into the fascinating world of music but don`t know how to play musical instruments and are unsure where to start, you definitely need to contact us! Our experts provide professional, practical, and theoretical music instructions that will help you choose the right direction.


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