About Us

Wynton House of Music draws its name from its proprietors. The name Wynton happens to be shared by a man described as one of the outstanding jazz musicians and trumpeters of his generation, Wynton Marsalis. 

The realization that there was a demand for instruction in music, coupled with the fact that there was a limited number of institutions offering training in music led to the founding of Wynton House of Music. 

For the proprietors, Wynton was also to serve as an outlet for their diverse experience and knowledge in music to affect the lives of the members of society that they interacted with, with a special emphasis on children and teens though adults are more than welcome too.

Wynton opened its doors to the public in March 2001, initially offering instruction in playing the recorder, piano, and guitar in addition to music theory and voice training. She is now offering instruction in all genres, instruments of the orchestra, ukele and music production. Wynton is committed to improve the standards of the local music industry by offering professional training to up-coming artists. Among the many artists she has natured is Linda Muthama, Karun of Camp Mula, DJ Joe Mfalme, DJ Krowbar and Anto Neosoul.

Wynton has a performance face dubbed Pamoja Kids that gives opportunities to children and teens from all walks of life with talent to mingle and share with each other on stage. It is through this program that Wynton has gained the support of corporates in Kenya such as CESVI, The Village Market, Chase Bank and the media including Capital FM, Nation Media Group and The Standard Group in terms of outreach and music scholarships to deserving participants.

Wynton’s vision is to found a music academy where students will take music instruction as a full-time endeavour. She believes in ‘Freedom through music’.